11th December 2017

Chairman John Fry and YTFC would like to take the opportunity to inform the club’s fanbase that the reports are without substance.

As previously relayed, the club is looking to build for the future and recently engaged Insight 63 Ltd – led by Mark Palmer. Insight 63 are aiding and advising with regard to the club’s long-term future, but the sale of the club is not currently part of Insight’s remit or the intentions of YTFC’s majority shareholders.

Whilst rumours regarding an imminent takeover can be categorically denied, YTFC would also like to take the opportunity to inform supporters that there will be communications in the coming weeks as a result of Insight 63’s report, which has not yet been completed.  

Yeovil Town’s owners, the Board of Directors and all at YTFC remain committed to improving the club’s standing both on and off the field and will continue to openly inform supporters of developments, once they are a matter of fact and not speculation.