15th December 2016
Ytfc.digital, the club’s new Archive site, is trying to upload a section with shirts through the ages illustrated. Supporter of the Year Pat Custard has come up with around 15 old shirts but we are hoping that there are many more varieties out there that we could borrow.
The plan is to recruit one of the players to model all the shirts we can get our hands on early in the new year. We would just require to borrow the shirts for the photo shoot. 
Can you help? If you can then please contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you to arrange collection (if necessary) of the shirt.
But don’t stop at just shirts! If you have any photographs, newspaper cuttings, videos, DVD’s, in fact anything that you think may be of interest to us then please drop us an e-mail.
You can get to the Archive site at www.ytfc.digital