18th March 2021

In recent months, Yeovil Town supporters have been restoring the grave of former player Ernest Hyman.

In January 1927, Ernest sadly passed away from injuries he sustained during a fixture against Taunton.

As time progressed, Ernest’s grave had deteriorated, however once Yeovil Town supporters became aware of this, they got to work at restoring the former Town player’s grave.

Michael West, who has taken a leading role in the restoration commented: “The restoration came about after I did some research on the story and realised the tragic circumstances of his Ernest Hyman died.

“I think if ever the club logo ‘Achieve by unity’ was proven to be true it was in this project where Glovers fans came together for a player who gave his life for the club, we all love.”

To learn more about Ernest’s story as a Yeovil Town player, Michael has written a piece detailing how he gave his life to the club, linked HERE.