28th August 2017

Here are his answers to some of your questions. The best appeared in the Coventry City Green&White edition.

Tim Hubble
Did you get any tips from Matty Dolan last season on taking free kicks?

No, none at all. I’ve practiced free kicks from a young age so I knew I wanted to take them. It’s always nice to have friendly competition in the team with someone else who likes to take free kicks as well.

Pete Higgins
Given the current transfer market, what are your thoughts on footballer loyalty v money?

I think it’s a difficult one. You never know until you’re in that position but if you’re enjoying it at a certain club and are playing week-in, week-out there’s nothing to be worried about. Personally, if I’m playing and I’m happy that’s more than good enough.

Barry Crossan
You were named Otis in reference to the singer, would you name any future children after a famous person?

I don’t think there are too many singers with good names nowadays! You’ve got the likes of Tyga and I don’t think I’ll be naming my child that.

Sheridan Robins
What’s your pre-match ritual/superstition?

I do my own warm-up and listen to some music that I like and gets me motivated. I try not to think too much, I just like to get out there and play. I think some people get worked up sometimes and too pumped up for the game, I like to be relaxed and know what I have to do.

Scott Carpenter
What are your targets for the season? Where do you see Yeovil finishing?

My personal targets are to keep scoring and assisting the goals, that’s obviously what I’m here to do. The targets for the team are to push for the play-offs.

Josh Appleyard
What motivates you the most?

Definitely my family. Being away from them now it’s always good to speak to them on the phone and as soon as I do it gets me motivated straight away. They’re the reason I do what I do every day.

Louis Batson
What made you sign a new contract with the club?

I think my first year went really well. The gaffer and I get on well – we both know what we want to do so it was a bit of a no-brainer really. I knew I was going to play and I enjoy it down here. If you get those two things then you’ve cracked it.

Paula Carpenter
Which team are you looking forward to play against the most?

Coventry City or Chesterfield. Chesterfield is near my house back in Manchester and I used to play for Sheffield United so there’s a bit of a rivalry there.

Next under the microscope will be Southampton loanee Olufela Olomola. Get your copy of the programme at the Cheltenham Town game.