20th August 2015

Wes Fogden is set for an extended spell on the sidelines after suffering multiple hand injuries at York City.

The midfielder is expected to have surgery on a double fracture tomorrow (Friday) after a collision during the fixture on Tuesday evening.

Physio Mike Micciche said: "Wes is due to have surgery on his double fracture tomorrow morning. It appeared on Tuesday that he had dislocated his knuckle. However, once the joint was relocated it was clear that there was also a fracture to his finger."

Micciche went on to mention that the player was keen to remain playing in Tuesday’s game – "Wes was eager to continue despite being in serious pain. He asked for his fingers to be strapped together and stated that he could seek hospital attention after the game."

The Physio told ytfc.net that after a long journey home from York their priority was to seek medical assistance for Fogden: "On return to Yeovil at 5am, Wes and I visited Yeovil District Hospital where he received lots of Entonox (pain relief), three x-rays and numerous attempts to realign the main fracture."

Unfortunately, it may be several weeks until Fogden can rejoin training but Mike remains positive he’ll return in the near future saying, "The realigning of the finger didn’t work so now it has been decided that the only way to fix the unstable fracture is to have a surgical procedure, which will involve wiring the finger together. The healing process could take up to eight weeks, but we hope to reintroduce Wes back into contact training after four weeks."

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