8th May 2017
Town have just three players under contract for next season, with discussions already underway with key players. 
Speaking after the final day defeat at Colchester United to YTFC’s official YouTube channel, Way is keen to finalise deals. 
“They’re progressing well, but as you can imagine being at the club we’re at there’s one or two agents and players who want to keep their options open which is understandable. 
“But I’m not going to wait around. I don’t feel I can, I don’t feel I can wait a month. I need a decision because they know the club, they know what it offers and they know they’ll play.
“Sometimes when you’re chasing that little bit extra the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so I will be looking for answers and hopefully the players can respect and understand that.”
After his first full season in charge Way admits to making mistakes, but is keen for both himself and the players to use the experience gained to produce a successful campaign next season. 
“I’ve gained a lot of experience,” he said. “I’m not going to lie, I’ve made mistakes but it’s part of my development as a football manager. 
“I’ve given my absolute all for this football club. I wish I could switch the two halves of the season around and end like we started, but unfortunately that’s not happened. 
“We’ve gained a lot of experience together and it’s important that every single member of staff and the players use the experience they’ve gained for next year.”