7th January 2017

The Glovers held up the rest of the division 12 months ago, but have flirted with the play-offs this time around before resting in 14th just past the halfway mark.


However, the 37-year-old is hoping for more from his players as he explained to YTFC’s official YouTube channel in part two of his Half-Way report.

“I want more and I think the players want more,” he said.

“I think there’s been frustration that the supporters would’ve felt, i.e. scoring more goals. You have to be patient with the young group that we’ve got.


“Hedges, Eaves and Khan have led the front line the majority of the season, we’ve got Zoko who’s coming back to full fitness, we’ve brought in Jack Storer and Tahvon Campbell played 41 games for me so I feel the forward line have had opportunities.”


He continued: “It’s not like we’re not creating opportunities and being in the position where we’re not getting one-on-ones, so if I had to assess it overall this season as to where we are, I think it’s been good but I want more goals and I think if we had more goals we’d be sat in the play-offs now.


“Players make mistakes but they learn from those mistakes, grow stronger and become better players so that’s what I’m hoping for in the second part of the season.”


The New Year saw the transfer window reopen with Town quick to snap up Birmingham City striker Jack Storer on loan for the remainder of the season.


But Way won’t hesitate to make more additions to his squad in search of the elusive goals which have been missing from Yeovil’s performances in recent weeks. 


He said: “It’s a busy time and I feel as a football club you’re very limited.

“I don’t have the funds for a big squad… a squad of 30 which we’ve had in previous years, but so far I feel it’s worked.


“I’d love to bring, again, that striker in who can share that workload and responsibility that we’re all looking for.

“It’s a busy month and we have to make sure we do everything we can to improve the squad where the budget allows us to.


“Since I took over as a manager sometimes you’ve got to be very careful and concentrate on what you have and not what you haven’t.


“I feel on and off the pitch we’re in a good place. I just want to be a manager where I keep striving for success but also at the same time have to understand that you can have all the money in the world but it doesn’t guarantee success.”