7th November 2019

Terry Skiverton is delighted with the progress made under Darren Sarll and Scott Priestnall.

Skiverton, who has been associated with Yeovil Town as a player and staff since 1999, is pleased that the pieces are falling into place.

Speaking to YTTV, the academy manager said;

“I think the club had bottomed out, but with the manager coming in and the recruitment process, the club has gone as far as needs to go to springboard itself into competing again.”

“We’re ahead of schedule in that process. When the manager first walked in, there was an empty room downstairs, with an empty roster of players and no staff.”

“Everybody was looking at Yeovil to say there’s massive holes around the football club that needed filling. The manager and owner have done that, diligently, carefully and very considered.”

“The characters that have been bought in, not just on the playing front but the people who are helping us within the background, with recruitment and other avenues to move forward.”

“There is now a real clarity and focus for how the club wants to run going forward.”


Throughout his long-term involvement with the club, Skiverton has many fond memories of the FA Cup, and is hoping for more this year;

“Getting to the first round was normally an achievement, the manager and I as players had to play a lot of the qualifying rounds.”

“We don’t think of it just as money, I’ve had some wonderfully journeys in the FA Cup, Manchester United just recently, and as a player too facing Liverpool.”

“We played Blackpool and Bolton too, the club was known as the giant killers.”

“For us it’s an important game, we’re playing the best cup competition in the world and we’re looking forward to getting out there and putting on a performance.”