23rd April 2021

Darren Sarll caught up with the local media ahead of this weekend’s trip to Solihull Moors. 

After victory against Boreham Wood, Sarll has said nobody is getting too carried away and taking it one day at a time after a difficult period for all at the football club. 

“Our target is to just get through today’s training session. We haven’t moved on too far ahead, when you play the first game the assumption is that everybody is alright. We all know that the smallest part of the iceberg it what is on top of the surface. We’ve got to continue to take it day by day. 

“You can only develop resilience in people through adversity” said Sarll, “And when the players go out there and play the game like they did on Saturday, that increases and enhances their resilience as a character. It was the most difficult game I’ve ever done so I’m sure that will be the same for me too.”