9th August 2012

> http://sport.blic.rs/Fudbal/Evropski-fudbal/218627/Traze-sponzora–fudbaleri-Jeovila-se-slikali-bez-dresovaYeovil Town have gone global with their topless team picture from earlier in the week! The story and picture has been featured in a Serbian newspaper and web site. Copy this link into your web address bar and it should take you to the site.

The story was also featured in UK favourites The Sun and the Daily Star as well as a prime spot on the BBC Football web site and a mention on Sky Sports News Newspaper review.

But it doesn’t stop there! Gary Johnson’s ingenious idea will be featured on Friday morning’s Daybreak, who will be travelling to film the Glovers live for tomorrow’s show.
So as you wake up from your slumbers don’t forget to switch on Daybreak on ITV tomorrow morning. The show runs from 6.00 am to 9.00 am and we understand the Yeovil piece will be around 7.30 am.
The ideal way to enjoy that first coffee of the morning