4th November 2015

How many football games have you seen in your life? 91-year-old Audrey Dyson has attended nearly every football game played at Yeovil Town Football Club for the past 17 years, but yet she’s never seen a single game!

Audrey is blind, and is more committed to Yeovil Town Football Club than their last 5 managers combined. “…last year I didn’t miss a home match at all, Nigel did but I didn’t. I just got other people to take me…”

Yeovil Town were relegated from league one last season are currently struggling at the bottom of league two. The club doesn’t have a very big fan base but with Audrey being the oldest season ticket holder and her granddaughter being the youngest, at a mere 2-years-old, the Dyson family still remain loyal fans of the club.

Her son Nigel took Audrey to her first football game, after her husband passed away in the summer leading up to the start of the first season in what was to become a 17-year obsession. “…the feeling seemed to go right down tickling me all the way inside, it was ever so exciting.…”

This short documentary will follow Audrey and her family as they follow the 2015/16-football season. Audrey and her family are all avid Yeovil town fans and her son Nigel has been supporting them since the 80s. Since going to her first game 17 years ago Audrey has very rarely missed a match, she has a great outlook on life and knows what it means to enjoy yourself. The latest addition to a long line of the family is Georgiana, Audrey’s 2-year-old granddaughter, who also holds a season ticket and goes to every match, even if she does fall asleep halfway through!

Audrey has been following the same match day routine for as long as she can remember, this includes wearing the same clothes, sitting in the same seat, and leaving the house at exactly 1 o’clock. Audrey, Nigel, Lucy (Nigel’s wife) and Georgiana make a full day of going out to the matches as they all gather round at Audrey’s before the game to eat lunch and prepare for what they hope will be successful outing to Huish Park.

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