28th November 2019

Ahead of facing Bromley from the second time this season, Darren Sarll spoke on utilising hindsight in the promotion clash.

Speaking to YTTV, the Gaffer said;

“What I like about this stage of the season is that we’re playing teams for the second time. Being retrospective and working with hindsight, is a really important, and something that not enough people use.

“We should have learnt from our experiences against all the teams we have played. It’s only Torquay and Chesterfield who we haven’t played.

“We’re learning all the time against our opponents and that give you more of a foundation as a coach, of where you can turn to in terms of your preparation.

“Bromley have been really consistent this season and league tables don’t lie. After twenty odd games, league tables are pretty solid indicators of where your team is at.”

Following Tuesday’s draw against Aldershot, Sarll spoke briefly on attempts to bring in a signing, offering an update the Gaffer said;

“We tried really hard yesterday. We started moving and opening some doors, so I’m just waiting on some final calls back now.

“We have four or five plates spinning of various different ages and leagues. We’re waiting for the plates to fall and catch one as they all smash.

“The phone has been attached to my head for the last 48 hours really and it’s something we’re working really hard to try and do.”