17th July 2020

Darren Sarll hosted his first press conference in over 100 days as his side prepare to host Barnet in play-off action this Saturday (18th).

In the unique circumstances, promotion back to the Football League now takes the form of a three-game shootout with a final being held at Wembley Stadium.

With just a matter of weeks training under their belts, the gaffer spoke on his preparation for the big day against Barnet; “Coming back was nice, it was good to see the players as there is a very strong bond in our dressing room.

“They’re very big in terms of characters and in the first week it was absolutely carnage! Everyone had three months of banter to get off their chest before they really settled down.

“It has been really enjoyable, mainly because we are preparing for such a big game and we’ve come so far. We obviously wanted to be put in a position where we could finish our journey and now, we’ve got what we have asked for so we’re trying to prepare as best we can.”

The stakes couldn’t be any higher in what will be an emotional occasion and the gaffer didn’t shy away from the importance of the fixture.

“If you isolate it to just Yeovil, it’s a huge game for us. If you look at the conclusions to seasons this club has had in recent years, its been a nice reprieve for supporters not to have that drama where you’re looking over your shoulder hoping people don’t win.

“I think it is disappointing fans can’t be in the ground for them and us. It’s nice to be able to give them something back.

“When I look back to the expectations when I joined, we had eight players in the dressing room, four of which were 18, play-offs were not an expectation. The only thing on my mind when I joined last year was getting a squad together and being competitive and win a few games. All I really wanted to do was to give supporters a winning season, not have the relegation drama and build some foundations from there.

“So for us to be in this position is beyond what we expected and I think if the supporters were honest it’s beyond what they expected too.”