25th February 2014

Soccer Saturday Super 6 are handing players the power next week by voting which Sky Bet Championship game they want to be included in the round via Twitter.

Players simply need to go to Super 6’s Twitter page, @Super6, between February 25-28 and retweet the game of their choice to join the line-up, which currently includes the four Premier League 3pm kick-offs on March 8th and Derby v Millwall.

The UK’s most popular free-to-play sports prediction game, which has already made two players £250,000 richer this season, is considered the ultimate test for football fans’ knowledge, challenging them to correctly predict six scores.

Super 6 Manager Joe Mirtaheri said: “We’re always looking for ways to get players involved and for them to help us improve the game, so Twitter is the ideal platform for us.

”It also gives Sky Bet Championship fans the chance to try and get their own team involved, potentially giving them the edge to the pursuit of winning the jackpot.”


Play Super 6 by clicking here