13th September 2017

Here are his answers to some of your questions. The best appeared in the Cheltenham Town Green&White edition.

Tom Xpro
Could you ever see yourself playing for Southampton in the Premier League

OO: I’ve always seen myself playing at the highest level so yeah I do.

Jordan Clark
Are you enjoying your time down in the countryside away from the big city?

OO: It’s good to get away as London is very hectic and down here is nice, quiet and peaceful. There’s good people down here so I’m enjoying my time.

Andy Paterson
Who has been your rock in your life, keeping you grounded when things go well and picking you up when things don’t?

OO: My parents, definitely. My mum and dad are there for me no matter what. If I’ve had a good or a bad game, they’re always there and message me after a game to see how I feel.

Would you like to extend your loan until the end of the season?

OO: At the moment, I just want to concentrate on doing well for Yeovil and what happens, happens.

Mark Simon Taylor
What’s it like playing up front with Mr Zoko and are you roomies on away trips?

OO: Zoko is a great player and has helped me a lot since I’ve been here. He is my room-mate on away trips and I’m enjoying playing with him.

Henry YTFC Ebdon
If you could play with one strike partner in the world who would it be?

OO: Who would it be? Harry Kane – I’m a big, big fan of his.

Robert Whewell
What were your first pair of boots and what do you wear now?

OO: My first pair of boots were Tiempos and I wear them now!

William Buttle
Would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?

OO: Wait, I don’t understand… feet for hands? So my feet are my hands? Ohhhhh! Okay, yeah feet for hands.

Bryan Passmore
Who is your favourite player of all time, and current?

OO: My favourite player of all-time is Ronaldo… no! Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry. He’s the whole reason I wanted to be a striker. Right now, I would say Harry Kane.

Harry Eaton
What made you choose Yeovil?

OO: I think the manager was a big, big thing for me. He showed a lot of enthusiasm in me and a lot of belief in my ability. That made me feel like this was the place for me.

Dean Bowditch
Messi or Ronaldo?

OO: Messi.

Ryan Jones
Who is your best friend in football?

OO: Michael Folivi at Watford. He’s one of my best friends.

Martyn Bailey
What made you want to play football?

OO: My dad. Ever since I was young my dad has been a big influence on me with football. He put it on the TV screen and really got me into it.