27th January 2021

Yeovil Town assistant manager Terry Skiverton will be managing the team in tonight’s game against Maidenhead United.

Following Darren Sarll’s positive test which meant the club went into isolation, the gaffer will be at home with his family this evening due to another positive test in his household.

Speaking to BBC Somerset on Tuesday afternoon, Sarll said: 

“I won’t be at the game (against Maidenhead), my wife has unfortunately picked it up as well. I’ve got a duty to my kids to look after them whilst she’s recovering. 

“I’ll still be watching and connected to Terry in the dugout over the phone, so hopefully I’ll be able to have some sort of impact.

“They’re all more than capable of getting through a game without me there. Terry has over 150 games as manager in League One so I’m sure he can do a National League game on his own without me bombarding his eardrums too often.”

Continuing, Sarll spoke about the impact COVID had on him and reiterated the importance of doing all you can to stay safe in these tough times. 

“I’ve got to say, and I don’t want to sound like I’m going over the top here, but it was probably the worst seven days of my life.

“It really hit me quite hard, it’s not been a very nice time at all, but I do feel a lot better now.

“I do still feel tired and aching a lot, and I’m sure people who have had it will empathise, but the worst has left me. I’m just kind of in that after effects stage now, but it’s not very nice.

“Anybody who can hear this, any precautions you can take, please do so for yourself and your family, because I didn’t have a particularly good time with it.”