7th May 2021

Terry Skiverton spoke candidly to the local media ahead of Yeovil Town’s trip to Wrexham on Thursday afternoon.

After an extremely difficult period for all associated with the football club following Lee Collins’ funeral, Skiverton spoke openly about the impact on the squad.

“We had two really good performances and wins, to then come up short in the game on Monday against Halifax, we were very flat after that,” said the former Skipper.

“It was such a quick week where we had Lee’s funeral that was such a big psychological step for the players to put stuff behind them, but it’s still in the forefront of our minds.

“All we can keep doing is making sure we turn up every day, every time we’re feeling down, we are encouraged to share our feeling with member of staff and each other.

“One thing we’ve got to do, with everyone from the manager to the players is to make sure we’re not flat, and we’ve got our energy for the match days, we’ve still got to push and play for our supporters who are right behind us.”

Speaking about on the pitch matters, the assistant manager reiterated that the Yeovil Town squad will keep fighting to the final fixture of the season.

“With the group we’ve got and the manager we’ve got, we don’t sack anything off. We need to make sure we go and put a performance in.

“Our supporters want to see hard work, determination and character. They want to see us defending well and scoring goals.

“That’s what we’re holding onto at the moment, making sure that every day we are giving our best, because first of all it’s what Lee would’ve wanted, and second we’re fighting four ourselves and our families.

“There’s a lot of people which are out of contract, we need to make sure that we are fighting for our futures as well.”