12th May 2021

On Monday evening, Merriott Rhinos Under 9’s youth football club were treated to a surprise visit during their training session from Darren Sarll and Terry Skiverton, as they led their weekly session.

Rhinos manager Matt Tither and coaches Kelvin Charles and Gareth Williams thought it would be a really special opportunity for the youngsters to be coached by the Town management team after a difficult year, mostly away from the pitch for the youngsters.

The young side were all smiles throughout as they enjoyed the drills and games set up by Sarll and Skiverton.

Speaking to ytfc.net following the session, Sarll said; “Terry and I are still very committed to the wider responsibilities that we have within the Somerset community.

“Personally, working with young people is how I try to relax and reconnect with the innocence of the game. We both very much enjoyed working with the players, meeting the coaches and the parents and I hope they took something positive away with from it.”

In the coming weeks, the Rhinos will travel to St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton to take part in a youth tournament for sides based across the South of England.

All at Yeovil Town wish the Merriott Rhinos all the best during their upcoming tournament.