7th August 2013
We are now only days away from the Glovers first Sky Bet Championship league match at Huish Park. 
The next two seasons are going to be the most important in the club’s history and since our incredible success at Wembley in May, everyone at Huish Park have been working flat out to plan and organise our operation resources to meet our Championship challenge.
Executive chairman John Fry, who has adjusted his title in line with the structural changes, has confirmed Martyn Starnes – who left to become CEO at Plymouth Argyle last month – will not be replaced.
Fry will extend his hands-on role and delegate responsibilities amongst his directors whilst splitting operations at the club into football and stadium categories.
Andy Rossiter will oversee catering and hospitality, David Lee will control legal matters, whilst Ron Budden heads the Glovers’ commercial division.
Brian Willis is in charge of stadium operations, Steven Allinson is the Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust’s new chairman, and co-owner Norman Hayward is football director.
Alan Chamberlain, John Dover and secretary Jean Cotton will control financial matters, human resources and football issues respectively.
Executive Chairman John Fry stated “Nothing great has ever been achieved without enthusiasm and hard work. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. The way we perform as a team on and off the pitch will determine our future success.
“Over the past 20 years I have put together a inspiring team that have achieved four promotions and two Wembley finals and also maintained financial viability throughout the business.
“I have now reorganised and strengthened that team to compete at Championship level. I am pleased to report that so far everything is going to plan and we now have in place for at least the next stage of our development the best board of directors and management team in the Football League.
“I can assure you we are not going to settle for second best.”
Fry explained that not only would the new structure allow for extra resources to be diverted to the club’s football operations, but for greater attention to be paid to improving departments whilst looking to build for the future.
He said: “There are more than 150 years of support of this football club in this board. We have broken down the responsibilities into certain areas and into football matters and stadium matters, with heads of department reporting directly to directors and others straight to me. 
“These people are committed to the club. Some I started with in 1995 and they do a lot of work behind the scenes and they give a lot of their time on a voluntary basis.
“We can see we can save money and put it into business development or the football team. I have now called myself an executive chairman that can work with the directors, who all have a speciality.”
Fry added his thanks for Starnes’ efforts, stating they remain friends, and said his departure would allow other staff at Huish Park to step up.
“It was disappointing that Martyn went but that’s life,” he said. “But with all the jobs that he did we have rewarded the top staff by giving them extra responsibility. 
“We have given them that opportunity, that chance to earn extra money and we have have promoted from within. 
“I have said if we make this work we don’t have to go down another route. If there’s a weak link and it doesn’t work we will have to go another way.”