16th December 2014

Would members of the Press please note that the closure date for applications for accreditation for this match is Saturday 27th. December at 3.30pm

All applications through DataCo, must be made by the above date and no applications will be accepted after that under any circumstances.

Due to space restrictions a proportion of applications will be unable to have a desk/seat in the press box as we have only limited space.

Any press moved to overflow seats will however be within the signal of our WiFi system.

By the same token only a limited number of photographers will be accepted for accreditation. One side of the ground will have premium rate advertising boards on it which we will be unable to have photographers sitting in front of.

As a club we are doing everything we can to accommodate everybody that wishes to attend but we are not too hot on fitting quarts into a pint pots!!

But please be assured we are doing everything we can to make it a successful event.

The Yeovil Town Media Team