2nd December 2014

The shirts worn by the Town players in our fixture with Fleetwood Town were recently auctioned with all proceeds donated to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

The Club are pleased to announce that the shirts raised just under £2,000!

Roger Duddridge, County Chairman of Somerset County and Bristol Royal British Legion said: "I can’t thank Yeovil Town Football Club enough for helping to raise money for the Service and ex-service community and their dependents. The total raised is magnificent.

"To me it is wonderful that the management and the fans that kept me awake for many hours taking the bids and the generosity of everyone is outstanding. On top of all that the cadets made a bucket collection as well for the Poppy appeal which is outstanding.

The management, the players and the fans that have supported this auction of the shirts is fantastic. When I became involved with the auction and as it progressed I had a lump in my throat as to the politeness of all who were bidding and they all thanked me when I responded to the bids as if I was doing them a favour."

"Yeovil Town Football club can be proud of all the fans for the generous and polite way they have helped and handled themselves over the past weeks and can be proud to say we support Yeovil Town Football Club.


"Everyone at the Royal British Legion so grateful and thankful to have been a part of it and I hope that I can come to many matches to watch a faithful and loyal team of players, fans and management, god bless you all and thank you."