19th February 2016

With the news that Yeovil Amateur Boxing Club had money stolen following a break in, the players at Yeovil Town have replaced the stolen amount.

The squad have recently used the facilities at the boxing club to train and on hearing the news of the theft manager Darren Way arranged a collection from the players to replace the missing funds.

Darren said: “I was so disappointed to hear that the boxing club had money stolen following a break in. The boxing club have helped us out with letting us use their facilities, so this is the least we could do.

“We have had a mini collection and the lads were happy to replace the stolen funds to help the boxing club.”

Dean Trott, Yeovil ABC Coach said ‘We’d like to thank the club and the players for their generosity at this time. Whilst £100 may not seem a lot, it goes a huge way towards paying the fees to make sure this club is still here for the community. The kindness of the players and staff at the club is amazing and we’d all like to say a huge thank you.’


Elliot Watts, Yeovil ABC Boxer said ‘We really appreciate the gratitude of the players. Without this gym I’m not sure where’d I’d be, so thanks to the club for making sure we can continue to run and not let this disgusting act dampen the amazing community spirit of this gym and Yeovil Town.’