4th January 2018

In collaboration with Yeovil Town Holdings Limited and Yeovil Town Community Sports Trust Limited aims to bring improved community sports and health and well-being facilities to the South Somerset area.

The appeal arose because, although the planning application was recommended for approval by the South Somerset Planning Officer in September 2017, it was refused by a small majority of Councillors on the Planning Committee as generally reported.

The Planning Inspector reviewed the case in a lengthy report which is in the public domain and available on the website of South Somerset District Council and the Planning Inspectorate.

The Club’s application for costs was refused by the Inspector and although It might be possible to challenge the cost refusal, the Club would prefer to concentrate on the positive outcome of the Appeal and consider the next steps to ultimately implement the Lufton approval which offers  significant opportunities for working together with the Local Authorities, the football community and other interested parties to promote football and other sports and health and well-being for the benefit of the whole community.