25th January 2018

With the local Thorne Lane closure restricting traffic to the Preston Road roundabout – commonly known as the ‘Asda Roundabout’ – steps are being taken to reduce their impact on the match, with the top priority being to keep traffic flowing and minimise delays.

  •  Temporary signs will be in place to direct traffic for the match,
  • YTFC has arranged additional supporter parking,
  • Temporary measures will be in place to enable match traffic to leave the event as quickly as possible,
  • The Council will also be working to ensure that inconsiderate parking in the surrounding residential areas is kept to a minimum.

Additional parking has been arranged near the stadium and the club is very grateful for the help of local businesses to achieve this but it will fill up fast and those attending are encouraged to use public transport, car share, walk or cycle to the ground wherever possible. 

Live traffic updates will be on the Travel Somerset website and across social media.

Supporters can pre-book parking at Huish Park by clicking here.