22nd May 2018

A number of clubs have asked the EFL if the mandatory publication of a match programme can be addressed as a result of an overall decline in sales and the proliferation of digital and social media, which has the ability to deliver the same content in a more cost effective manner. 

However, the club can confirm that it has no plans to cease production of a matchday programme for the 2018/19 season or subsequent campaigns in the near future, although it shares the challenges faced by many other clubs in the EFL. 

Commenting, Town’s Press Officer – and editor of the matchday programme – Alex O’Loughlin said: “Whilst a final decision on how YTFC will vote has not yet been made, it should be said that any removal of the mandatory requirement would not see the production of the matchday programme halt at Huish Park.

“Depending on what direction Town supporters would like to see the programme take in terms of its content, the removal of the mandatory requirement may best suit its production going forward as it would relax the relatively rigid template that has to be applied at present, which includes anywhere between six to 10 pages of adverts.”

After consulting the Supporters Alliance, it became apparent that the matchday programme (whilst in decline) was considered an important source of information for many fans. 

Delving further into the discussion, Alex added: “From speaking to the Alliance, the challenge created is to provide a product that appeals to both fans who seek information and those who in recent years have stopped buying due to the growth of social media and other digital platforms. 

“It’s clear that the matchday programme can’t compete with the instant nature of an official website or social media, but its roots in the traditions of football should see us as a club do what we can to appeal to everyone.

“With that in mind, any thoughts regarding Green & White (number of pages, features, design etc.) are welcomed before the EFL’s summer meeting next month. Whilst we can’t implement every suggestion, we’ll look to support the general consensus and decide from that how we should vote at the AGM.”

To share your thoughts on the matchday programme, send the media department an email (media@ytfc.net) or contact Alex directly on 01935 847891.