31st March 2015

A small group of Yeovil Town supporters met the Chairman John Fry and Directors last night,  to discuss various issues supporters have arisen over the last few weeks.

The meeting was the final part of the discussion process on next season’s prices as the club move to finalise the season ticket and match day prices for the next season.

The club have confirmed that there will be a reduction in admission prices next season but these reductions have to go hand in glove with the realisation that the club is a business and has to be run accordingly.

Commercial Director Ron Budden pointed out: “I look upon the situation as a triangle with three integral parts. The supporters, the team and the business each have to satisfy the other’s requirements.

“If the team does not perform on the field support will drop off resulting in reduced revenues to the club and subsequent inability to attract the best players to the club. 

“It really is a vicious triangle where all parties have to play their part. This is the backdrop that we are faced with when admission prices are reviewed.

“However I can confirm that both season ticket and matchday prices will be reduced for next season and we hope to announce those reductions later this week.”