2nd August 2019

Kicking off at Barnet on Saturday, eight of the players who were under contract last season have switched numbers including Matt Worthington who moves one digit down to take the number seven shirt.

Craig Alcock takes the number two shirt worn during his first spell at the club, Courtney Duffus moves to 14, Ryan Seager to 15 whilst the four first-year pros all switch from 2018/19.

Goalkeeper Stuart Nelson retains the number one jersey along with Carl Dickinson (3) who stays the same, whilst fellow defenders and new arrivals Lee Collins and Tom Bradbury take four and 19 respectively. 

In attack, Rhys Murphy takes the traditional number nine with Myles Hippolyte boasting 11.

Squad numbers 2019/20

1 Stuart Nelson
2 Craig Alcock
3 Carl Dickinson
4 Lee Collins
6 Luke Wilkinson
7 Matt Worthington

9 Rhys Murphy
11 Myles Hippolyte
14 Courtney Duffus
15 Ryan Seager
16 Gabby Rogers
17 Daniel Ojo
18 Albi Skendi
19 Tom Bradbury
20 Alex John
21 Nestor Shako
23 Tom Whelan
25 Liam Driscoll