2nd January 2019

The Club holds regular meetings with the Alliance which are normally minuted, by a Secretary to the Group, and agreed by all parties before being issued. The meeting of the 10th December was a special meeting requested by the Alliance which John Fry, David Lee and Darren Way (for part) readily attended to explain various matters raised by the Alliance.

It was not intended that the meeting should be formally minuted and the Secretary was not in attendance. The club considers that, as a consequence, there are a number of inaccuracies in the published ‘minutes’, as the Alliance concedes in its ‘Meeting Notes Preface’.

Regrettably, the Alliance felt unable to agree the proposed publication with the club and certain comments were included out of context giving entirely the wrong impression. 

The club rejects any implication in the notes that either the Manager or Chairman were dismissive of fans views and several of the statements attributed to them in the notes are wrong.

The matters discussed in the meeting were, subsequently, commented upon, in some detail, by the Chairman, John Fry, in his interview with Paul Jenkins of the Western Gazette which was published on 20th December 2018. 

The Club has no further comments to make on this subject except to say that it wishes to continue to have open and transparent discussion with the Alliance and to agree appropriate minuted updates on important matters for publication to the wider fan base and stresses its respect for all YTFC supporters.