14th August 2017

Here are his answers to some of your questions. The best appeared in the Accrington Stanley Green&White edition.

Ian Welch (@Iwelch22)
What is the hardest part of the transfer window? How long does it take to get a player ‘signed on that dotted line’?

DW: The hardest part, certainly last year, was having a game on deadline day. We haven’t got a chief scout or a head of recruitment so it has to go through myself, Terry or the Chairman. It’s hard work with limited resources and at the same time there has to be an element of trust that you’re bringing in the right character. To put the whole thing together with finances as well, a lot of things need to fall into place.

Simon (@nomis86uk)
Who is the best player you have played or worked with?

DW: When I played for England at youth level, it was Steven Gerrard and working with I have to say Roberto Martinez.

Barry Spiller (@Barry_Spiller)
Why was Nathan Smith only given a one-year deal when pretty much everyone else has signed a two-year deal? Good luck for the season.

DW: I was here five years and signed one-year deals. It’s nothing personal – Nathan trusts me and I trust him. It’s just something we both agreed on.

Will Hallett
How much has your experience as an assistant manager and a player helped you to become a fully fledged manager for us?

DW: That experience is huge. Obviously working under Terry and having all the success under Gary Johnson – that’s experience you can’t buy. You have to live through the good and bad experiences. When Gary left it was a really difficult time and there was a lot of finger pointing at staff considering what we achieved but that’s football and football management. It doesn’t matter how many years of service you put in at a club – football is ruthless and you’ve just got to win.

Jon Margetts
What’s your favourite memory as a Yeovil player and as a manager?

DW: The FA Trophy was probably my favourite memory and promotion to League Two. It was a big day for me to lead the team out at Rochdale away. We worked extremely hard to get EFL status and were averaging 7/8,000 every week. Those moments were very, very good.

Adam Carr
What YTFC legend from the past would you love in today’s team?

DW: That’s a difficult question! Phil Jevons – he was a very good player. Every team needs a goalscorer and he was very clinical. It’s difficult to pick just one. From a midfield point of view, I played with Lee Johnson and had a good game understanding. In goal, Marek Stech was on another level – better than anything I’ve seen.

Dan Farrant
Do you see anybody in the developmental sides close to the first-team squad?

DW: We’ve had one or two who have featured in pre-season for us. As it stands they still have a lot of work to do.

Yvonne Salisbury
If you weren’t at Yeovil and could do/be anything you wanted, what would you do/be?

DW: I’d probably be on a bike right now. I’d be enduring pain and trying to ride as many miles as I could before I fell off the bike and collapsed!

Ash Phillips
I like the look of the new Yeovil squad. Who was your favourite signing of the summer?

DW: They’re all good lads and a good set of players – it’s hard to pick just one. I just have to make sure they stick with the vision in order for us to be successful.

Next under the microscope will be fan favourite Otis Khan. Get your copy of the programme at the Coventry City game.