13th September 2017

Here are his answers to some of your questions. The best appeared in the Morecambe Green&White edition.

Jon Margetts
What is your proudest moment in a Yeovil shirt?

NS: My debut against Hartlepool United. At that time, there weren’t many making it who were my age so it’s definitely my proudest moment. 

Will Hallett
What did you do when you found out you were the fastest CB on Fifa 17?

NS: I didn’t really didn’t do anything to be fair! I saw a video where a guy had made a team of the fastest players on FIFA and I just thought it was nice.

Josh Appleyard
What is your favourite part of being a vegan?

NS: Just enjoying the food, really. It makes me feel good and you don’t feel tired. I enjoy the energy side of things as you recover quicker.

Seb O’Dowd
Who is the best player that you have played with?

NS: I will say Terrell Forbes because I lived with him and we used to sit down every day and go through our games such as things he thought I could’ve done right, he could’ve done right, what we did wrong so he taught me a lot.

Louis Batson  
Can you see the club going places this season with the current team?

NS: Yeah, definitely – 100%. If you’re in and around it you can see what can be done with the team this season.

Martin McConachie
You always stay out longer than the others in the pre-match warm-up. Is there a reason or is it just superstition?

NS: I like to try and get a second wind because some games start very quickly so I try and open up my chest as much as I can. 

Barry Crossan
Which would you rather fight? A horse-sized duck or 50 duck-sized horses?

NS: Man’s a vegan – we don’t fight animals! So neither of them.