1st March 2015

No it’s not the invisible man it’s Artur Krysiak after emerging from Scunthorpe Hospital late on Saturday evening.

Artur was rushed to hospital following a collision with a Scunthorpe player which resulted in a really nasty gash on the top of his head.

Four hours later and with ten stitches in the wound and following a CAT scan Artur emerged ready for the long four hour journey back to Somerset courtesy of the YTFC media team.

But there was no peace for the wicked, not that we are saying Artur is wicked…far from it, our injured keeper had to report in at 9am for training and more treatment.

Whether Artur will be available for Tuesday’s game against Walsall will be in the hands of the medical team, but judging by his comments on the journey home he is raring to go!