3rd August 2012

Just when you thought this was one big jolly, the morning started with a brisk training work out for the players who were injury free.

On superb pitches provided by the hotel and along side the Cardiff City facilities, The Gaffer put the lads through a very brisk session with five v five and a some running, and anybody who thinks 40 minutes seems very short, believe you me the lads knew they had been in a session.

Back to their rooms for a brief rest before boarding the minibus again as we all head for the Cardiff White Water Rafting Centre for more bonding.

After completing all the paperwork there was a short wait before the lads had to put on their wet suits and there were definitely a few anxious faces as they waited patiently.

The moment arrived and it was into the special gear of wet suites and helmets and down to the water’s edge for some instructions on how to conduct yourself.

Well that was always going to be a waste of time with Gavin Williams present!

Finally they pushed off for a few turns and straight runs whilst Gary, Chris Sweet and myself attempted to record the event for posterity.

To get into the real white water areas the boats go up a kind of escalator before they hit the choppy bits.

First lap was very tentative with everybody looking decidedly anxious, and a word here for Stuart Housley who ventured into a boat but looked like he realised the error of his ways pretty quickly!

Round and round they went with the centre’s instructors doing everything they could to upset the boats.

Eventually after about four laps the boats reached a sort of lake where the idea was to catch your breath.

Wrong! Now the fun really started as player after player ended up overboard as you can see from some of our photographs.

Apart from Stuart, I think everybody went into the drink as the fun carried on unabated with The Gaffer finding the whole adventure highly amusing.

As the session drew to a close it was soon clear that not only had it been an adventure for the lads but as The Gaffer put it "Another disguised session!"

Back to the Hotel again for a brief break and some food but then it was a review of the 5-3 beating of Llanelli as the lads watched the video and assessed their own games.

After that I think it will be early to bed after what can simply be defined as a "Busy" day!!

Oh and look out for WHITE WATER RAFTING…THE MOVIE which will be released next week on Glovers Player. Keep an eye on the web site for details.