13th November 2016
With all proceeds going to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal, the shirts embroidered with the RBL poppy on the front are being auctioned off. 
Open until midday on Monday 14th November, the current prices are as follows:
Artur Krysiak: £150
Liam Shephard: £70
Nathan Smith: £125
Matty Dolan: £90
Bevis Mugabi: £85
Alex Lacey: £120
Kevin Dawson: £105
Alex Lawless: £80
Tom Eaves: £120
Otis Khan:£100
Ryan Dickson: £85
Jonny Maddison: £87
Francois Zoko: £75
Izale McLeod: £75
Tahvon Campbell: £75
Ryan Hedges: £100
Darren Ward: £100
Ben Whitfield: £100
If you wish to bid for a shirt, please follow the below instructions:
· To bid please state the number of the player’s shirt along with the name of the player.
· P&P will be extra should you require it.
· Bid by email only please to KHurley@britishlegion.org.uk