18th March 2015

Hi again everyone.

I am not quite sure where to start with this week’s blog. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw a tweet reaching out to you all about how I was going to write this. You all said…write from the heart. So that is what I am going to do.

I am sitting here after a trip to Colchester last night and wondering quite how we got to this point. It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying our eight match winning streak and taking this league by storm. However, the side I saw last night was unrecognisable, yes some of the players have moved on, but some haven’t and some have returned. It was unrecognisable in terms of our passion and spirit, the thing that Yeovil Town are famous for.

After such a positive first half in which we completely dominated by our fellow relegation candidates, we then capitulated in the second half with two goals in four minutes. That, I am afraid, is not acceptable. We needed three points to have hope of staying up, but now we lie nine points from safety after three straight defeats. No goals scored and eight conceded, that speaks volumes.


As for us as fans, yes it is difficult and yes it is frustrating, however, I will never condone the abuse some of the players got last night. I do not see how this will help and unfortunately we have bigger problems on our hands.

Sam Foley’s effort and passion was amazing to see last night and I hope he travelled home with his head held high, despite his obvious disappointment. He came over to us last night and touched his badge, this meant a lot.

That is what we must remember, the badge, the club we love so much. The reason fans get so passionate is because we love our clubs. Yeovil Town Football Club is still the most important thing and we must all stick together. Terry Skiverton eluded last night to what we all knew at full time, we are effectively relegated from League One.

With just eight games to go and nine points adrift and in terrible form, the great escape is just not going to happen. His interview was frank and emotional and I hope you feel that this blog is the same. He loves this club and whether or not he is the man to take us forward or not, he is an integral part of what makes Yeovil Town such a fantastic club.


It may not feel like it right now, but League Two will just be another challenge. We must re build, re-evaluate and look to gain promotion next season. Some may say I am saying that too early, but with such a quick slide in form from our promotion season, we must show everyone what we want to achieve.

113 loyal fans were at Colchester last night, yet just 66 fans travelled to Oldham from MK Dons (a side that are chasing promotion). This was a fact that actually made last night easier to take. You cannot buy that kind of support and the fans have been phenomenal in what has been an extremely tough season.

One thing is for sure, we will all be there next season and as the song goes “Whether we’re up or down.”

It is just amazing how football can bring people together and I have met so many brilliant people supporting Yeovil Town, as well as finding out what I want to do career wise through writing for my beloved club. That is why I was so upset last night, some may say it is dramatic but I call it passionate.

The club means the world to me and it saddens me that we will have suffered successive relegations but how can we enjoy the good times if we do not go through the bad? I have every faith that we will turn things around.

This summer may be the most crucial summer our football club will have ever been through. For the last part of the season let’s all get behind the lads and restore some pride to our club. We cannot give up, we must be ready for next season and all the seasons to follow!

I may have got slightly carried away emotionally but I hope you all enjoyed my blog and can feel my love for this club.

Until next week.