8th May 2013
Fans wishing to take flags to Wembley can find all the information you need to know below.
The following conditions apply to the display of flags within the stadium:
General Fan Flags (Max 2.5m)
The maximum size of general supporters flags allowed into stadium is 2.5m on the longest side
If flags obscure the view of any other fans, they will be requested to remove / roll them up
Flags must not block any signage, CCTV, gangways, access routes, exits or entrances
Flag poles greater than 1m in length are not allowed, neither are any articles that could potentially be used as a weapon and/or compromise public safety are prohibited. 
Wembley Stadium reserves the right to confiscate flags if they are very large and we feel that it may compromise public safety, obscure someone’s view, a camera position or if a flag carried offensive, discriminatory, inflammatory messaging.
Large Supporter Flags
Permission must be sought in advance from the stadium and event owner to organise use of the very large supporter flags designed to be passed over people’s heads. In such cases the flag must be flame retardant and the organiser bringing the flag into the stadium will need to provide the appropriate H&S certification. An event organsiation company will need to take control of the management of the banner and further details of this will be passed on once the initial request has been submitted. Further information can be found in Appendix 4 of the Football League’s ‘Information Document’.