29th August 2012
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson could not hide his satisfaction with a job almost well done last night. Speaking exclusively to Glovers player he said:“I was very proud of them for 80 minutes. I thought the last ten was poor. I’ve used the last ten as a bit of a kick up the backside for our next league game against Doncaster. We weren’t going to win this competition, but West Brom could and what they showed in the last ten when they go two goals up, is that they can keep possession of the football, and I didn’t think we did enough to win it back. So apologies to the crowd for the last ten minutes. Certainly for 80 minutes the lads gave it a good go, and a 2-2 it could have gone either way there at that point."
“When I’ve slept on it, I’ll be the same as you tomorrow morning. When we get a big crowd here, and you think of the days when we had some big games here – and we will get some more big games – I want to keep them here. I want to send them home happy. I don’t want to send them home thinking ‘Oh, that was alright’. So I hope they give us a chance, and that when we come up against our own division, I promise they’ll be ready for the weekend."
You can hear the whole interview on glovers player by clicking on the link at the top of this web site.