26th April 2019

Remaining with TAG Sportswear for next season, we’re pleased to present four designs that once again give you the opportunity to have your say.

Meeting with the Supporters Alliance earlier this month the group were able to take a look at TAG’s kit prototypes with chairman Rich Rendell commenting: “The shirt choice by supporters was a success this season, so we are happy that the supporters are having their say again for 2019/20.”

The two new home designs both incorporate the green & white hoops which have become synonymous with the club offering a modern twist, whilst the away designs return to the black and red theme seen in the mid-2000s.

Voting will remain open until 5pm on Friday 3rd May with the chance to also provide any other feedback you may have.

To vote, click HERE.

The choices are as follows:

Home Kit Design 1
A Modern twist on the green and white hoops which have become synonymous with the club. The hoops themselves involve two different tones of green whilst the back of the shirt is entirely white to take on board supporter feedback on issues such as the visibility of names and numbers.

Home Kit Design 2
A more predominantly green design with hoops that become gradually larger as they flow towards the bottom of the jersey. An arching green panel sits to one side and flows around to the back of the top which is entirely green, again allowing for names and numbers to be visibly clear. 

Away Kit Design 1
Having reverted to a primarily black away kit for the last two campaigns, TAG’s design harps back to the classic black and red striped away kit which was first used by the Glovers in 2004. The black stripes are pierced by a thin red line to provide a modern twist whilst the back of the shirt is completely red.

Away Kit Design 2
The design keeps black and red as the primary colours but offers a shading effect on the top half of both the front and back of the jersey. Thin stripes run down the front of the top with the reverse of the shirt fading from black at the top to red at the bottom.

To vote for your favourite designs and to provide any further feedback, click HERE.