6th August 2012

Yeovil Town held their annual photo call today but this year there was a cunning twist.

With several companies hesitating to commit to be shirts sponsors for next season manager Gary Johnson decided on some rather unusual action.

“I couldn’t see the point of a team shot without a sponsor on so somewhat tongue in cheek we decided to go topless! he said

“At this moment in time we have had dialogue with several potential sponsors but nothing definite has been agreed, and as being part of the main team picture is a major part of the sponsorship package, I didn’t think it was fair to whoever does agree a deal with us for the team to wear shirts.

“Whoever agrees to the final deal will be getting so much from the package including being close to the manager and the team, travelling with the lads etc so we don’t want to give any part of the package away lightly.

“We are hoping when they see the interest that this picture creates, that the companies that are vying to be on our shirts will realise what a great publicity opportunity being shirt sponsor to Yeovil Town represents.”

If any companies are interested to join in negotiations with us please contact our commercial manager Dave Linney on 01935 847872.