17th April 2014

Manager Gary Johnson believes his side need to produce the “performance of the century” to come away with a much needed three points from Blackburn this Friday.

The Glovers have four games remaining to secure their Championship status beginning with a trip to play-off chasing Rovers later this week.

Johnson’s side currently sit five points from safety at the foot of the table and the Yeovil boss believes a point is no good for either side.

“A point really is not going to be good enough on the day, even though against Blackburn it would be a good result. But what you’ve got to think about is that Blackburn will also be thinking the same, a draw is no good for them either. They will be near enough out of it if they draw or lose to us so they’ll be going for a win as well.

“This is the interesting part of the season; who deals with it, which players mentally can handle the pressure and which players can come up with that fantastic goal or fantastic pass which wins their team the game.

“It’s not now or never until you get to the game where if you lose you’re out of it, that’s the now or never, but it would be nice to tick off one of those wins and then only have two to win out of your last three, that’s a better percentage than having to win three out of your last three.

“But let’s be honest about Blackburn and how good they are, they beat QPR 3-1 at home and they’re a good side so ‘Little Old Yeovil’ need to go there and produce the game of the century and if we do then that will be great because we do want to stay in the division.”

Yeovil have lost points from a winning position more than any other side in the Championship this season, and Johnson hopes his players have learnt from experience.

“We went to Wigan and we went to Derby and were leading in those games and went to Leicester and were leading so it would be good if we can learn from the past and get a goal up early and then keep it.

“But these teams are so strong and with people like Jordan Rhodes about they might do nothing for a lot of the game and then just pop up with a winner, that’s why they’ve made a big career out of the game and he should be in the Premier League. He’s a Premier League player so we’ve got to be aware of him.”