4th April 2014

Manager Gary Johnson believes his players will show no signs of an aftermath at Blackpool this Saturday despite last weekend’s heavy defeat to Barnsley.

Town lost 4-1 to their fellow relegation candidates at Huish Park, and the Yeovil manager admits there have been “a few home truths” this week.

“We gave them (the supporters) nothing on Saturday; we didn’t look like a team, we didn’t play our game and we certainly had no ‘Yeovil’ in that game on Saturday and that was really, really disappointing but we’ve had a couple of big meetings on it.

“You have to upset a few if you’re going to have a few home truths and then you have to see how they react, then you have to tell them if there were other things that you felt they were doing that may not have been conducive to playing a game of football on a Saturday.

“You get rid of all those negatives so that you can start again on the positives. Now I hope that we have a group who are going to take us to the end of the season and give it a right go, because that’s what we’ve got to have.”

The Glovers are six points from safety with seven games remaining this season, but there may be more twists to come before May.

Leeds United may yet face a points deduction if they enter administration, giving Yeovil a reason to keep fighting until the end according to the Glovers gaffer.

“The way things are going in football at the moment you could have four people in administration at the end of the season so you’ve got to make sure you can pick up as many points as you can now because you certainly don’t want to lose out because you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

“Certainly until it’s mathematically not possible, and even then nowadays you’ve got to keep going because teams might drop out for whatever reason with this Financial Fair Play stuff and ownership type stuff that’s around.”

After disappointment last weekend, Johnson is hoping to see the ‘old’ Yeovil at Blackpool on Saturday as they look to make up last Saturday’s disaster to the supporters.

“We’ve got to play our game; it’s a long trip so you know you’re away but we’re going to try and prepare properly and now once you’ve prepared properly and the players are out on the pitch they’ve got to show you they’re not giving up on their season because it’s their reputation at stake as well as the Football Club’s.

“I’m sure we won’t get loads of fans but we’ve got to do it for the folks that are there and the folks back home and we’ve got to do it for them because most people would like us to stay at this level.”