24th October 2014

On the back of the 2-0 defeat at Sheffield United on Tuesday, manager Gary Johnson hopes his side can take the game to Rochdale on Saturday at Huish Park.

Whilst the Glovers have struggled away from home, Town have produced their best performances in front of the home faithful, and Johnson hopes for more of the same this weekend.

“On Tuesday, Sheffield United had a lot of the play and we can’t let teams have that amount of play against us, especially on their home patch. We have to get in their faces and make sure they don’t get more than four or five passes in any one combination.

“That’s what we’ve got to do, and when we’re playing well that’s what we do well. But it’s going to be annoying if we keep having to win the ball back because we keep giving it away. We have got to spend a little bit more time on the ball once we win it back, because we work hard to win it and then when we do we have to keep it and have an end product.”

Last time out at Huish Park James Hayter’s strike helped Yeovil share the spoils with high-flying Swindon, and the Glovers manager is hoping for a team performance on Saturday, laying importance on the first goal.

“We’ve got to get eight, nine or all eleven people putting in the game which is their best game, that’s what we’ve got to try and achieve, and then you’ve got to make sure that you don’t make the key mistakes that cost you.

“Unfortunately, on Tuesday we didn’t get the first goal and it would be nice, like we did against Swindon, where we got the first goal and played decent – although they got the goal at the end – but the opposition then have to score two to beat you.

“The boys are decent lads, nobody is not trying or not playing well for any other reason than it’s just the nature of the game and the nature of some of the personalities. Some of them have got to be a little bit stronger for longer over a period of time.”