4th March 2014

Councillors due to consider the application from Yeovil Town Football club to develop the Huish Park stadium are being sent a 24-point question and answer document designed to assist their deliberations.

Glovers chairman John Fry, who drew up the document, said: "The success of Yeovil Town is an important factor in the national and regional recognition of the  town itself.

“Now is the time for South Somerset District Council to help the club sustain the remarkable progress made over the last 20 years.

“Any delays will seriously jeopardise the club’s future which in turn will see the demise of the Huish Park stadium and the surrounding land.”

The wide-ranging Q&A document  poses questions such as : If planning consent is agreed, what will Yeovil Town do with the money ?

And the answers include: develop and update existing stadium supporters’ facilities including a covered north end community stand, and construct new car park areas and roads on site.

Another question deals with why Yeovil Town Holdings is developing Huish Park and not Yeovil Town Football Club. The answer is that banks and investors will not loan to football clubs due to the number of clubs going into administration.

A further question tackles the issue of  how increased traffic and parking problems would be handled.

The Glovers’ answer includes pointing out that stadium capacity would not be increased from 9,500-10,000; the food store in the application would have its own car park with some 500 spaces.

There would also be a traffic/parking plan to minimise flows to and from the Lufton area.

Another proposal is to open on-site bar and restaurant facilities to accommodate home and away supporters and so discourage fans from going on to the Abbey Manor Estate.

John Fry said: “My intention in sending this question and answer document to the planning committee members is simply to try and give them the answers they need to give our vital application the full consideration it deserves.”