2nd April 2014

Yeovil Town Chairman John Fry has reiterated just how important today’s Planning Hearing at South Somerset District Council’s Brympton Way Offices is for the future of the club.

Speaking today Mr. Fry said: “I cannot stress just how important this decision is for the future of this club. If we are to survive in the SkyBet Championship, and we are hanging on by our finger nails right now, it is vital that the club has a Commercial driver in place on this site.

“Our playing budget is the smallest in the league by a mile and we must give the best management team in the league the necessary funds to be able to compete on more of a level playing field.

“Without a commercial driver to help support that budget the club just can’t compete, and we could end up not only losing our place in the league.

“Unlike many other clubs in the Football League we have never approached the local council asking for money and we are not doing so now. All we want is a change of use to help fund the club in these competitive times.

“If we lose our case I cannot yet say what will happen but rest assured we will have to look at all options on the table.

“So I will take this opportunity to implore the Councillors to think very seriously what implications a rejection will cause.

“Nearly three thousand of your local electorate have signed a petition supporting the application. These are the people who supported you at recent elections and their voice must be heard.

“This is your opportunity to do the job your were voted in to do… Follow the wishes of the electorate.

“Be Bold; support your town and your local football club.”

The Planning Application will be heard at 2.00 pm this afternoon at The Council Offices, Brympton Way, Yeovil and supporters are welcome to come and support the club and lobby their district Councillors.