6th August 2013

Five Live are looking to speak to as many Yeovil fans as possible, especially those of you who have seen how much the rise in the club’s fortunes have affected the town and the people in the Yeovil area.

We’re looking for people fairly local to the ground, but the more varied your pre-match routine the better. Whether that’s a drink in the local pub or closing your shop before making your way to Huish Park, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll be talking to you about what the first game in The Championship means to the club and more importantly, yourself.


Whether you run a local B&B or farm in the area, or if you plan on pitching up at the beer tent outside the ground before kick-off- we can come to you and find out what Yeovil Town FC means to the people of Yeovil.


If you’d be interested in speaking to us, and would like to get in contact with me, please do so at George.cottam@bbc.co.uk before Friday evening. I will get back in touch with as many people as I can to confirm arrangements.