14th July 2013

Sunday…the day after the defeat last night. Naturally it’s the topic on all lips and in particular the performance of the referee.

Without any doubt it was a penalty and everybody in the ground except the referee was of that opinion but to send him off as well was just a ridiculous decision and only compounded his earlier mistake.
The Manager was fairly laid back about the game and that decision. "Well we are the away team and it is only a friendly so I guess we have to accept decisions like that" said Gary.
After the match the players and staff were allowed some free time and made their way down to the nearby Marina where all the high society park their yachts. Very pleasant location with lots of bars and restaurants.
Stuart Housley fell in love with an Irish band playing in one bar only to find they came from Portugal!!! Nice one Stuey!!
Sunday we woke to bright sunshine, something as I have mentioned which we had failed to attract since arriving here.
That meant a limited session with the ball and a session of volley ball.
After that it was relax until lunchtime and then a big show down on the tennis court between The Gaffer and Terry against the leading player candidates.
For the winner the bragging rights and the choice of what training to be done tonight.
We will keep you posted.