1st July 2013
Sky Sports are after supporters to feature on a future show on TV.
The football League is 125 years old and home to some of the greatest clubs in the history of the game. The Football League represents many clubs some small some huge but each one supported by fans who are unerringly loyal to their home team.
This idea uses the sense of home and how integral a club is to its community showing the relationship between the fans and their home clubs.
By getting supporters clubs and fanzines we aim to show the ingrained traditions of football fans across the country, reflect a real flavour of support and the anticipation bubbling up for a whole new season.
We will ask supporters why they love their club.
What is the favourite thing about their club.
What does the club bring to the town /what would the town be like without the club.
What are their dreams for the year.
What is special about a home game.
We are looking for energetic, quirky and passionate real fans who show bubbling enthusiasm for the new season.
How fans are proud to live near to their ground. Importance of supporting their home team.
How the club fits into the landscape.
We are looking for characters attached to the club who live near or who can express about the club, how it plays a part in their lives, what their match-day ritual is, it could be a family an individual from across the community who gives us a bit of the flavour of the clubs humour, passionate.
Fans will need to to be available this Friday (5th July) at a time to be confirmed. To register your interest please email jhealey@ytfc.net.