8th August 2018

The club have three adult and one child’s wheelchair, all supplied by the DSA to be used by the stewards and medics should a supporter need assistance during the match.

All wheelchairs are fitted with safety belts and equipment to ensure that health and safety regulations are complied with.

The wheelchairs are also available for free hire whilst at the match should a supporter need assistance to and from their car to their seat, for example.

The club also has a dedicated steward, Tracey Wilson, who will assist any disabled supporter upon request.

Supporters wishing to use a wheelchair service are advised to contact the nearest steward on arrival at Huish Park and then return the equipment to the nearest steward after the match. 

Any donated wheelchair will all be gratefully received and much appreciated by any supporter who uses them.

If you can help the DSA, please contact Sharon Swain on 07790 375250.