12th December 2016

Speaking at the official launch on Thursday, Fry said: “This whole project is of great importance to the club. Our club has a heritage it can be proud of both in the local community but also in the wider football world.

“As a club we have collected a huge amount of material to go on the site but I am sure there are lots of supporters out there who have there own memories of events in the club’s history and we would love to be able to share them with all our supporters.

“If you have anything you think that may be appropriate to be included please contact our Project Manager Adrian Hopper. Items can be scanned or photographed and returned to their owners within a couple of days.

“As a club we feel we are perhaps one of the fore runners when it comes to such a project and we are all very anxious to turn this site into the ultimate reference point for anything Yeovil Town Football Club, so please if you have anything suitable get in touch.”

Fry added: “We are also looking for any supporters who can volunteer some of their time for the maintenance and uploading of materials to the site.

“I feel the website, thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund and our other benefactors, could be the first of many such sites when other clubs latch onto the idea. Where Yeovil lead others will undoubtedly follow.”


Adrian Hopper, former Head of Media for fifteen years at Yeovil Town Football Club added: “We are absolutely delighted that HLF and our other local partners have made this project turn from a dream to reality.

“Yeovil Town Football Club play a huge part in the local Community and it seems only right that a football club with such a rich heritage has an Archive such as we are planning to create.

“But it’s not going to be a five-minute job. We anticipate at least two years before the site is up to its maximum operating content and to that end we would invite any supporter to contact us if they could be of help or if they have any items for inclusion on the site.

“After two years volunteers at the club will continue to update the site as history continues to be made by The Glovers.”

To access the website, click here.


Supporters who can spare some time to help or who have items suitable for inclusion please contact Adrian Hopper at ytfcarchive@gmail.com.