5th November 2014

A few months ago Yeovil Town agreed to help the Dementia unit at Yeovil Hospital by supplying photographs of their history for display in the unit.

The idea was that patients with Dementia would have their brain stimulated by pictures from The Glovers past and recent history.

The unit are now in the running to receive £50,000 from ITV’s Peoples Millions to create a patient friendly garden.

Read on as Yeovil Hospital’s Janine Valentine makes the case in her own words:

“Just imagine spending weeks perhaps even months in hospital and not being able to go outside. Imagine not feeling the sun on your face or being able to smell the autumnal air? This is the reality for our patients with dementia.

“We want to change this by creating a garden where patients and their families can safely go. Just imagine a garden where a man with dementia can be visited by his wife and his 2 dogs,  just imagine a garden where a lady can plant seeds in a raised bed or perhaps sit by the fire pit and listen to the crackle of the flames. Just imagine all this and so much more and you are imagining the garden we want to create.

“This is a garden that will involve our local community and unite us in providing a better experience for people with dementia and their families. From the students of Yeovil college who can enrich the space with their beautiful art and entertain patients with their music, to the local gardeners who can help us create beautiful raised beds and help our patients to work in them.

“In order to make this a reality we need your help. We need you to pick up the phone on the 25th of November and vote for us. Help us to win £50,000 in the ITV People’s Millions and create a beautiful outdoor space for our patients.

“Over the next 3 weeks we will be counting down to the big day and telling you more about why this is so important for our patients. We will also be sharing some stories with you. So please follow our blog, tweet about us and tell all your friends as we need your support.

 “The number will be released on the 25th November and will be available at all of the following locations:  Our blog at:  justimagineydh.wordpress.com, people’smillions.org.uk,  www.yeovilhospital.nhs.uk

“Follow us on twitter @JustImagineYDH or search YDH dementia garden on Facebook

The number will also be printed in the Daily Mirror

“If you cannot find the number, ring 01935384960 and we will provide it. 

“Please vote on the 25th November so we can make this garden a reality. 

“Don’t forget to check out our blog: justimagineydh.wordpress.com

So come on Glovers supporters let’s help the Hospital win the £50,000 and bring their dream of a dementia garden to reality.

We will display the number to vote on at www.ytfc.net and also release it on our official Twitter and Facebook page.