19th May 2020

Thanks to an incredible effort by Yeovil fans, the club Crowdfunder has now topped an amazing £20,000, just 12 days after launching.

Both individual fans and organised fan groups have responded in magnificent fashion to support the scheme, which allows fans to buy special packages for next season or just donate to the club if they wish. 10% of all monies raised goes to the Yeovil Hospital Charity.

Club Chairman Scott Priestnall was both quick to praise and optimistic that the £25k target will be exceeded by some way. Scott said; “It is unbelievable to see such a response and I would like to thank all our magnificent fans. Whether they have contributed individually, or via the Chairpersons of their groups such as the Green and White Supporters Club and Disabled Supporters Association or via the Glovers Trust’s separate Crowdfunder the response has been amazing.

“Such support when people’s own income is challenged is heart-warming and I can both promise that this generous support will not be forgotten and that every penny – aside from the donation to the Yeovil Hospital Charity – will go into improving the club’s cash flow over the summer.

“We have put £100,000’s into the club since the sale completed in the autumn and with an expected difficult financial year ahead and with it further required investment, it is very reassuring to see that when the chips are down, our magnificent fans are willing to help out”.

Looking to the future of the Crowdfunder Scott said; “It still has 16 days left to run so it looks like the original £25,000 target will be smashed – especially as I understand the Glovers Trust parallel Crowdfunder which will feed into ours is now over £3,000 too. I am very optimistic that as an when the £25k mark is reached the Crowdfunder will continue to grow as the packages fans can buy via it are either tremendous value (£75 for both a home and away shirt next season) or offer something never available before – such as the Home Director Experience”

Commenting on the outstanding fan response to the Crowdfunder so far, Supporters Alliance Chairman Rich Rendell said; “It has been a fantastic response from the YTFC Supporters. All fans are really reflecting with values of the club motto ‘Achieve by Unity’ by not only supporting the club but also the NHS via the Yeovil Hospital Charity. It has been great to see Darren Sarll and club employees chipping in too – gestures like this really do improve the bond between the club and fans”



As of earlier today over 250 people had contributed just over £20,0000 with the highest contribution to date being £600 from Simon Woodland, but contributions of all amounts are welcome as although packages start at £25 fans can donate any sum (and can contribute anonymously if desired).

The club Crowdfunder page can be found at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/yeoviltown

NB The club’s current situation in respect of the playoffs, club operations and ticketing all remain as detailed in the club statement of May 4th which can be found here: https://www.ytfc.net/news/2020/may/statement–an-update-on-club-matter/

The club will be issuing a sperate comment in due course regarding its retained list of players and decision on Academy Scholar contracts.